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Accel Kids Play School

Pre-School is the first time when your very young child goes out and learn some stimulating things. And we understand it will be hard for parents to provide their child with something uncertain. To make the whole process easy and smooth, We Accel Kids Play School adds fun to the normal education.

New Experience Fresh beginning

Kids are creative, but they all learn in different ways. Some acknowledge auditory learning, while some may absorb more from visual learning. Each of them is different so it’s better to teach them in the multitude ways to engross their all five senses- sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

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Our Team

The Accel Kids Play School Team is made up of professionals who truly believe in creating a secure and caring environment for children to grow and develop in a better way. We ensure the effective 'Home to pre-school' communication throughout the year so that parents can stay aware of their child's achievements.

Our Facilitation


Healthy Meals

Healthy meals lead to a healthy body and an active mind. We will provide children with healthy snacks, fruits and mineral water.



Children will be escorted by the well-maintained and Air-conditioned vans, which comes with the GPS system. It will help the parents in tracking the speed and the live status on the vehicle. Additionally, the children will be handover to only parents and guardians, as per the school records.



Our School@home program focuses on nurturing your child growth and learning capabilities without stepping out of the home. We are following the best digitally linked curriculum which can be accessed through the mobile app. Our Live Class platform is dedicated to our syllabus and designed user friendly for our little kids.

Parents SPEAK

  • Aadil

    Safeguarding is paramount at the school and all the staff take great care to ensure that the children thrive in their lovely community.

  • Ms Zainab

    Accel has a wonderful, supportive and nurturing environment where Child can learn and explore through play.

  • Mrs. Areeba

    Child friendly environment

  • Sakshi

    The best experience for a child to start their journey of Learning and adapting.

  • Sahil

    One of the best school in Delhi